Fear of success

We’ve all heard about the fear of failure right? That fear that what you do isn’t perfect and it will all go wrong? But what about the fear of success?

We belong to a society where we are put into boxes that start as soon as you learn to walk and talk. If you can’t do this by this point there’s something wrong or you’re slow. You fail before you can even stand up. We fail to realise that the beauty of the human race is that we all have different skills and qualities. The point I’m making here is that we as a society as a race are used to failure. It’s ingrained into our culture and our very nature. We fall, we get back up, we try again but what we aren’t used to is success. We see people that have made it or got to the point where we are and we make excuses. Oh he had a rich dad, so and so just got lucky. We acknowledge the failures, the chances but not the hard work and we think we couldn’t possibly do that. We are kept down, kept in our box by the society that has got us used to failing.

Overcoming that fear, stepping out on your own, going against the crowd and saying no failure isn’t a bad thing but success is possible is a totally wild idea. It’s hard and it’s a long journey to reprogram the mind and say hey you know what I can make it. I can be something different, I’m not going to fade out into an obscure middle age. I’m going to be successful ignoring that voice in my head that says they just got lucky becayse I do have a talent and I have a voice that needs to be heard now not in 70 years time. So everyone it’s time to scream and stamp your feet and more than anything fight. Break the walls of that cardboard box down because they are very fragile walls and say I am going to be successful because it’s not as frightening as it once was.


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